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The Kingwave saw blade manufacturing company was founded in 2004, focusing on theprofessional high quality manufacture of saw blade . Our products are an excellent choice for other Industries, such as the Wood, Furniture and Metal industries etc. We always strive to provide the most cost effective solution to our customers cutting needs, satisfied with the highest quality of our products and services at competitive prices.

       The Kingwave saw blade manufacturing company is dedicated to being a sustainable producer and also looking for innovation ways to grow and improve our business further. Our manufacturing plantsare equipped with over 10,000 square metres of factory space, highly skilled employees,state-of-the-art production technology and facilities. All of our high-precision products are being produced in highly automated.

        As the technology in the cutting industry changes fairly quickly, it brings the cutting industry even greater challenges. By continually investing in research & development of our products, we aim to provide in the areas of finance and human resources.

        In order to achieve our goal of providing superior quality products, we purchase our raw materials from only world-class suppliers and operate a quality management system certified to ISO9001-2000 that ensure our products are the “Standard of Quality”.

The mission of these changes is to bring you lots of new and better products in our company.



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